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Download and Install Hungry Shark Evolution v2.2.6 mod APK + OBB in Minutes

Hungry Shark is a classic game created by Future Games of London. It was first released in 2010 and has since become a household favorite. The game is set in an underwater world and you play as a hungry shark. Your job is to eat as much as you can, while avoiding obstacles and predators.

download mod hungry shark evolution 2.2.6

Download File:

Take control of a hungry shark for a great marine version! Survive as long as possible by eating everything (and everyone) that you come across! Explore underwater worlds full of creatures as exotic as they are delicious! Collect and evolve mythical sharks such as the great white, the hammerhead shark and the megalodon! + Enjoy fabulous 3D graphics and sound effects + Discover and devour the mysterious undersea creatures + Recruit baby sharks to reinforce your predatory powers + Equip yourself with fabulous accessories: lasers, jetpacks or even top hats! + Find and collect bonus items that have been swallowed up + Attack many powerful missions + Activate the Gold Rush to survive longer and increase your score + Participate in regular game events to win limited edition prizes


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