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Download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy: The Ultimate Climbing Challenge for Android 2022

Download Getting Over It Android 2022: A Guide to the Most Frustrating Game Ever

Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot? Have you ever wondered what it feels like to lose all your progress in a single mistake? Have you ever listened to a soothing voice making philosophical observations about your struggle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in downloading Getting Over It Android 2022, the most frustrating game ever made.

download getting over it android 2022

What is Getting Over It?

Getting Over It is a game that was created by Bennett Foddy, an indie game developer and professor of game design at New York University. It was released in October 2017 for Windows and macOS, and later ported to iOS and Android devices. The game has a simple premise: you control a man named Diogenes who is stuck in a pot and has to use a hammer to climb up a mountain of random objects. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite.

The gameplay

The gameplay of Getting Over It is notoriously difficult and unforgiving. You have to move the hammer with the mouse or touch screen, and use it to push, pull, swing, and launch yourself up the mountain. However, the physics are realistic and unpredictable, and the terrain is slippery and uneven. One wrong move can send you tumbling down to the bottom, erasing all your progress. There are no checkpoints, no saves, no shortcuts, and no mercy. You have to start from scratch every time you fall.

The developer

Bennett Foddy is no stranger to making hard and frustrating games. He is best known for his web games QWOP, GIRP, and CLOP, which involve controlling awkward characters with unconventional controls. He has also made games like Pole Riders, Sportsfriends, and Super Pole Riders, which are more fun and cooperative. He describes himself as "a certain kind of person who likes to hurt people with games". He also provides the voice narration for Getting Over It, which adds another layer of irony and humor to the game.

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The inspiration

Getting Over It is a homage to Jazzuo's 2002 B-Game classic Sexy Hiking, which had a similar concept of climbing a mountain with a hammer. Foddy wanted to recreate the experience of playing Sexy Hiking, which he found both frustrating and rewarding. He also wanted to explore the themes of difficulty, failure, perseverance, and satisfaction in games. He says that Getting Over It is "a game I made for a certain kind of person. To hurt them."

Why is Getting Over It so popular?

Despite or because of its difficulty, Getting Over It has become a huge hit among gamers and streamers. It has sold over 2.5 million copies as of 2019, and has been played by millions more online. It has also spawned countless memes, remixes, fan art, and parodies. So what makes Getting Over It so appealing?

The challenge

Some people love Getting Over It because they enjoy the challenge of overcoming a seemingly impossible task. They find satisfaction in mastering the controls, learning the tricks, and reaching new heights. They see the game as a test of their skill, patience, and determination. They don't mind failing over and over again, because they know that eventually they will succeed.

The philosophy

Some people love Getting Over It because they appreciate the philosophy behind it. They find meaning in the narration, which offers insights into the nature of frustration, disappointment, hope, and joy. They relate to the game as a metaphor for life, which is full of obstacles, setbacks, and achievements. They see the game as a way of expressing their emotions, coping with their struggles, and finding their purpose.

The memes

Some people love Getting Over It because they find it hilarious and entertaining. They enjoy watching other people rage, laugh, cry, and celebrate while playing the game. They join the online community of fans and creators who share their reactions, jokes, stories, and art inspired by the game. They see the game as a source of fun, creativity, and social interaction.

How to download Getting Over It Android 2022?

If you are one of those people who want to try Getting Over It for yourself, you might be wondering how to download it on your Android device. There are a few options available, depending on your preference and budget.

The official version

The official version of Getting Over It is available on the Google Play Store for $4.99. This is the same version that was released for iOS devices in 2018, and it has all the features and content of the original PC version. It also supports cloud saving, achievements, and leaderboards. The official version is compatible with Android 5.0 and up, and requires 129 MB of storage space.

The unofficial versions

There are also some unofficial versions of Getting Over It that you can download for free from various websites. However, these versions are not authorized by Bennett Foddy, and they may have some differences or issues compared to the official version. For example, some unofficial versions may have ads, bugs, glitches, or malware. Some may also have modified or missing content, such as different graphics, sounds, or narration. Some may even be fake or scam apps that don't work at all. Therefore, if you choose to download an unofficial version of Getting Over It, you should do so at your own risk and discretion.

The alternatives

If you are looking for something similar to Getting Over It but not exactly the same, you might want to check out some of the alternatives that are available on the Google Play Store. These are games that have similar gameplay mechanics or themes as Getting Over It, but with different twists or variations. For example, some alternatives are:




Just Get Over It

A game that is inspired by Getting Over It but has different levels and characters. You can play as a man in a barrel, a woman in a bathtub, a cat in a box, or a fish in a bowl.

Free with ads

Climb With Wheelbarrow

A game that is similar to Getting Over It but has a wheelbarrow instead of a pot. You have to use the wheelbarrow to climb up a mountain of junk while avoiding obstacles and traps.


Pogo Stick: Hopping Boy Adventure

A game that is based on Getting Over It but has a pogo stick instead of a hammer. You have to bounce your way up a mountain of rocks while collecting coins and power-ups.

Free with ads


Getting Over It is a game that has captivated millions of people with its simple yet challenging gameplay, its philosophical yet humorous narration, and its frustrating yet rewarding experience. Whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny that it is a unique and memorable game that will make you feel something. If you want to download Getting Over It Android 2022, you can choose from the official version, the unofficial versions, or the alternatives that are available online. Just remember: don't give up, don't get angry, and don't break your phone.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Getting Over It Android 2022:

  • Q: How long does it take to finish Getting Over It?

  • A: It depends on your skill level and luck. Some people can finish it in less than an hour, while others can take days or weeks. The world record for speedrunning Getting Over It is currently 1 minute and 56 seconds.

  • Q: What happens when you finish Getting Over It?

A: We won't spoil it for you, but let's just say that there is a reward


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