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Buy Mma Cage [BETTER]

8 heavy-duty corner postsReinforced steel framingSteel cage panels1 Cage door8 corner cushions 16" x 72"8 top and bottom rail foam and covers1" thick foam floor padding1 floor cover in canvas or vinylNylon Ring Skirt (Upgrade to a Vinyl...

buy mma cage

6 heavy-duty corner postsReinforced steel framingSteel cage panels1 Cage door6 corner cushions 16" x 72"6 top and bottom rail foam and covers1" thick foam floor padding1 floor cover in canvas or vinylNylon Ring Skirt (Upgrade to a Vinyl...

DECAGON MMA CAGESThe World's Greatest MMA Cage Packages are available from PRO MMA!These are Competition Cages, made for serious MMA promoters running big events in large arenas, using top notch fighters. These cages are built for the...

MMA FLOOR CAGES - PRO RINGS AND CAGES A MMA FLOOR CAGE, by PRO MMA can transform your gym into a full Mixed Martial Arts training center. No one builds a stronger cage, and no one can offer you the same quality as PRO MMA...

CIRCULAR MMA CAGEThe World's Greatest Circular MMA Ring Packages are available from PRO MMA!These are Competition Rings, made for serious promoters running big events in large arenas, using top notch fighters. These cages are built for the...

Type a description for this product here...Buy FACTORY DIRECT and SAVE! Fastest turn around on all orders, only at PRO Fight Shop! The strongest cage in the world, is also the easiest and quickest to set up and take down. Thanks to our design, a PRO MMA...

Train and Fight like the professionals in PROLAST MMA rings and cages. To get a quote for your gym, contact our team today. PROLAST has been the industry leader for over a decade and deals with top rated promoters, gym owners and production companies worldwide.

Full Contact Sports is Canada's Fight Sports Store and retailer for boxing, kickboxing, mma and muay thai. Full Contact Sports is your source for uniforms, coaching equipment, training gear and protective gear, rings and cages. A division of Fitness Experience, Full Contact Sports is here to serve you online and in five retail locations across western Canada.

MMA Cages are available in 20ft, 24ft and 30ft Octagon and 24ft Hexagons. These cages range from 3-sided training areas to full enclosed systems. They feature Easy Entry Gate (full cage only), custom printed oversized corner pads, and custom painted logo option.Victory Series Cage Panel Walls provide versatility. Creating functional wall barrier a trainable barrier between your group fitness , functional fitness and stand-up areas, enclosing your grappling mats or protecting your walls, windows, and mirrors. The functional posts are compatibe with scores of our Cross-Training-Solutions and add-ons, allowing for a more dynamic workout outside of traditional impact training.Possible add-ons are: Quick-Clamp Dual Dip Bar, Quick Clamp Sturdy Step Up, Legend Landmine, Bar Battle Step, Storage Peg, Big Bull Ring, Rope Hanger. Inquire your customized Cage now and send an e-mail to

Our international octagonal MMA cage is designed to a very strict specification set by the International MMA Federation (IMMAF) for major high profile MMA events in all professional world leagues.MMA is an intense combat sport that requires a lot of physical efforts from the fighters, having a MMA cage that fulfil all guarantees to provide a safe space for praticiens is essential.Our international MMA Cage is made following stricts specifications established by the International MMA federation (IMMAF) and the French MMA federation (FMMAF) for main events with wide media cover, such as UFC, Bellator, Ares Fighting. The design and manufacture meet all the security, fire classifications and EN 12503-3 standards, that relates to falls. The mechanical standards EUROCODE3 and the dimensional standards for high level fighting sports.The platform is made with tube and fully built on hinges. The assembling is made entirely WITHOUT TOOLS and screws or bolts. Which represent an important advantage in terms of rapidity of installation.The cage has 8 panels including 2 panels with an 80 cm door, disabled people access. Meshed panels are designed not to interfere with camera framing during broadcast. The mesh is particularly stretched with an elasticity for the rebound that meets with the federal requirements. It resists strongly to the distortion thanks to the quality of the steal inner part specially selected for the MMA practice.We also offer an MMA cage customisation service to meet your specific needs. This includes the display of logos on corner pads. The mat and the colour and size of the octagon can be customised as an option. Our options include: fonts, colours, sizes, etc. provides boxing rings and mma cages in different sizes. From simpler rings with ropes directly on the floor, up to match cages for MMA with included podium. All rings and cages are made to order, with a few weeks to spare. Feel free to e-mail us at for questions and specific requests.

These are Competition Cages, made for serious MMA promoters running big events in large arenas, using top notch fighters. These cages are built for the promoter that can not settle for second best. These cages are built from the absolute strongest steel and the best materials available. Others skimp on their materials, we over build our cages, because you deserve the very best for your money.

Just like "better ingredients give you a better pizza" the same holds true with our list of materials. Better and stronger materials will give you a better cage. Our cages are built to last. Others, have a proven track record of being almost worthless after just a few months of use. Just ask around, the truth is a great advertisement for our cages!

Our customers sell more cages for us than we do. We have 100% customer satisfaction and the best track record in the business. We ship very quickly, and our design is the easiest and fastest assembly as well as the strongest by 1000%

The difference in our cages and others is in the design. Our design is superior. No nuts and bolts in the frame was our invention. We use STRUCTURAL STEEL, that's what you build skyscrapers out of! Others use the flimsy thin walled tubular steel and it causes problems! Believe me. If you heard all of the gripes and complaints and horror stories from the customers that bought the "other" cages, you would understand. No one complains about our cage. We are told everyday that we are the absolute best and we hear that from our customers all over the world!

VERCHER: Absolutely. (Reading) The game had passed Xavier "Scarecrow" Wallace by. Too many young bucks on the come up looking for a stepping stone to the next level. The cage had no place for old, toothless lions fighting for their pride. And then four in a row. No tomato cans, either. Championship kickboxers, jiujitsu aces, each one the next big thing. But none of them had the grind in them. All talent and hormones. Cardio made cowards of them all. Xavier dragged them into deep waters, the championship rounds, where lactic acid torched muscles, where deep breaths provided no oxygen, only the desperate need to breathe deeper, faster. Shoulders ached. Submissions lacked squeeze. Punches lost their snap. Kicks sloppy, thrown with languid legs, hinging and pivoting at the joints from sheer momentum. Break the spirit, and the body follows fast behind. But he'd paid a cost for his time in the deep end, too - worse than the patchwork remnants of stitches in his forehead, worse than the accumulation of crackling scar tissue above his jagged orbital bones, worse even than the seemingly interminable intensifying headaches. Worse than all that was the forgetting. 041b061a72


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