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Colin From Accounts Subtitles English S01E01 WORK

At the present time, I only have transcripts for episodes 1-25. I also make transcripts available for recent episodes (from episode 89) at I hope to have more transcripts available very soon.

Colin from Accounts subtitles English S01E01

Download Zip:

I have just discovered what a treasure we have in these various comments. If only we knew more about the back ground of the people making them. Is any progress being made on the voice samples you have been collecting Kevin? In Australia we have a tremendous advantage in that we are exposed to English Language films (and others) from a wide variety of countries and cultures. In fact we often turn on subtitles when listening to English being spoken.

i is loving ur excellent podcast keep up the excellent work u excellent man i am truly impressed with ur excellence in the english language i personally is from russia so very appreciate ur hard work in teaching me the english. thankyouy for everything kevin love from vladimir xxxx 041b061a72


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