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You Have Requested : The.resident.s06e08.MP4.LE...

"Insta-gran": Pop-Pop comes to have dinner with the Loud family and reveals that he has a new girlfriend named Myrtle, who was told everything about the children by Pop-Pop. The next day, Myrtle comes over and starts trying to impress the children and smothering them with affection, much to their annoyance, especially when she announces her plans to come over every day. They must work to put up with it without making Pop-Pop sad.

You have requested : the.resident.s06e08.MP4.LE...

"Scales of Justice": When the construction of a new Mustard Warehouse threatens Fishman's Pond at Tall Timbers Park when the Fishmans' new eggs have been laid, Lana works to defend the habitat from the construction crew without having to get 10,000 signatures for a petition. Unfortunately, Lana takes a shortcut and does a swamp monster plot with Hops and the local animals that soon gets covered in the news by local news reporter Katherine Mulligan.

"Can't Hardly Wait": Fairway University has sent Lori a catalogue in the mail. In order to have the most hang time when Lori's time there occurs, Lynn Sr. brings Lori to work as a waitress as she shadows Kotaro. Lori tries to do every job at Lynn's Table which goes comically awry.

"Stall Monitor": Parent-teacher conferences are tonight and Mrs. Johnson is looking forward to speaking to Lincoln's parents. Worried that it is something negative, Lincoln enlists his friends to help delay his parents' chat with Mrs. Johnson. Rusty, Zach, Clyde, Liam, and Stella manipulate their parents into stalling Mrs. Johnson so she wouldn't have to talk to Lynn Sr. and Rita.

"Exchange of Heart": With Howard and Harold still forbidding Clyde to do things like watch "Crow-Mageddon" or a video game all-nighter with Lincoln, he takes Lincoln's advice to have his dads host a Brazilian exchange student named Tiago. Clyde has his dads give Tiago some time outside of the house so that he, Cleopawtra, and Nepurrtiti can have the house to themselves.

"Singled Out": Lynn learns that her roller derby teammates Margo, Lainey, Maddie, and Nadia have their own dates. Not wanting to be the only one without a boyfriend, Lynn plans to obtain a boyfriend of her own. The only one who passed her challenges is a boy named Dexter as she tries to be a good girlfriend to him.

Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella are starting middle school at Royal Woods Middle School where Lynn is working as a hall monitor with plans not to let Principal Ramirez down. Due to a flippee stain being on the reminder to fill out a request form, Lincoln is unable to get a spot in Mrs. Salter's class because there's no room to fit in with his friends and ends up assigned to Mr. Bolhofner's class trailer instead where Chandler constantly causes him problems. On Lori's part, she starts her new life at Fairway University where she has a hard time fitting in on a floor where silence is required as she tries to find the right floor. Also, Lynn Sr. and Rita work to get Lily potty-trained when she enrolls at Baby Bunker Preschool run by Dr. Shuttleworth. Due to the confusion because of Lori's absence, Leni accidentally attends Baby Bunker Preschool. Displeased with his learning conditions and to avoid his friends being thrown off, Lincoln plans to meet with Principal Ramirez to have him switch classes. When it can't be done, Principal Ramirez instead has him transferred to another school in Mapleton, Ontario where Mapleton Middle School's Principal Marshall owed Principal Ramirez a favor. Once he arrives there, Lincoln works to make the best of it as his friends work to carry on without him.

"Cow Pie Kid": The Royal Woods Kangaroos have not won a baseball game due to constant pitcher changes and Lynn has been banned from pitching after throwing a ball at the goat mascot for the Bruinstown Billygoats. When Lynn Sr. pays a visit to Liam' farm and she witnesses his pitching ability, Lynn recruits him to join the Royal Woods Kangaroos in order to get a victory for them and is trained by her. Once the training is done, Liam starts to help turn the tide against their opponents. Though the constant pitching is causing his arm to hurt causing Lynn to seek help from Lisa and Lucy.

"School of Shock": At Royal Woods Elementary School, Lisa constantly corrects Miss Allegra on some facts. This makes Miss Allegra frustrated enough to have her teach her class while she walks out. When she starts to do her teaching, Lisa starts teaching scientific facts which Darcy and the rest of Lisa's fellow students have a hard time learning and enlists Dare-Bot 2.0 (an upgraded version of Dare-Bot) to help her out. This even leads to a plot to bring learning to life with disastrous results.

"Grub Snub": With Dim Yum having gone out of business, Leni, Jackie, Mandee, Fiona, and Miguel opt to hang out at Gus' Games and Grub much to the dismay of Lincoln as it is the only place that works for Leni's friends. He states to Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella that they have to take their restaurant back. This leads to Lincoln's group and Leni's group ending up in a competition called Gus' Game-A-Thon where the loser group will be banned from returning where their shenanigans affects the owner Gus Gamesngrub (Paul Scheer).

"Fam Scam": During one of her pageants, Lola meets a sophisticated pageant legend named Cricket Van Doran. While working to impress her, Lola learns that she wants to meet her family. As her family would be too wacky for her, Lola plans to have the McBride family pretend to be her family. While Howard and Harold are away, Clyde cooks for them as Lola works to keep him from dropping character. This works until a trip to the Royal Woods Mall when Lola's siblings, Howard, and Harold show up.

"Diss the Cook": At Royal Woods Middle School, Turkey Leg Tuesday is occurring. Unfortunately, Chef Pat gives Lincoln a tiny turkey leg as things like that have been happening since he started middle school. When Lincoln is told by Chef Pat that he has no beef with him, he learns that the same thing has happened to Lynn who agrees to find out if Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan had wronged Chef Pat. Even after Lori apologized for spilled soup, Lincoln and Lynn find that Chef Pat has a beef with Rita.

"Appetite for Destruction": At Lynn's Table, the Loud children have just had some pasta with parmesan in light of receiving it from Lynn Sr.'s Italian pen pal Furio as it keeps coming. Lily starts acting vicious, rude, and deceptive. Suspecting that someone at Royal Woods Preschool is behind the misbehavior, Lynn Sr. and Rita send Leni to spy on Lily. She finds that the students at Royal Woods Preschool also behaved badly in front of Dr. Shuttleworth as Lynn Sr. and Rita look for a friendly toddler for Lily to befriend.

"Don't Escar-go": Clyde treats Lincoln, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella to his French food as mentions about Gayle stated that her old friend Fleur Dupont of a French cooking academy as he must provide a dinner for her as a final exam with Howard, Harold, Gayle, and Seymour present. Unfortunately, the academy is in Paris. To keep Clyde from moving to Paris by making the French food in Royal Woods, Lincoln enlists his father and Chef Pat for help. When it all fails, Lincoln, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella have no choice but to sabotage the dinner for Fleur with comical results.

"Musical Chairs": Mr. Bolhofner teaches his class about whale survival when Chandler keeps getting Lincoln in trouble with Mr. Bolhofner who denies his seat-reassigning proposition when he speaks to him about it. With advice from Rusty, Lincoln works to butter up Mr. Bolhofner by doing things for him until he finds him playing the bass drum. This gives Lincoln the idea to have Mr. Bolhofner show off his bass drum playing to the Doo-Dads. He starts to do some changes to the band much to the dismay of Lynn Sr., Harold, Kotaro, and Rodney.

"Scoop Snoop": At Royal Woods Middle School, the Action News Team is covering stories only to be beaten to the scoop by Katherine Mulligan. Suspicious that someone is leaking the stories to her, the Action News Team suspect that someone at Royal Woods Middle School is responsible. After suspecting that Chef Pat and art teacher Mr. Mu where they have an alibi, they follow Katherine Mulligan around Royal Woods where they find her interacting with Principal Ramirez.

"Bummer Camp": The Loud House gets a call from Leonard stating that a new bunch of campers are coming and that all the counselors have quit during camping. In order to help Leonard and keep him from returning to the sea, Lincoln leads his sisters into helping their grandfather as counselors. While having them sleep on his boat, Leonard puts them through training in the style of working on his boat. The kids have a hard time trying to tell Leonard that he needs to run this camp like a camper as they guide him through it.

"Pop Pop the Question": Pop Pop is planning on proposing to Myrtle. The whole Loud Family is excited by this news at first. But when the Loud kids discover Myrtle having a long line of ex-husbands that have gone missing when they don't know her last name, they think she is a gold digger out to take Pop Pop down once he proposes like the Red Widow character from The Vampires of Melancholia. The kids will have to work together to save Pop Pop and figure out the truth about who Myrtle really is.

Im not sure what the mac alternative to irfanview is. I use DVD or Blu Ray, depending on the movie and what I have access to, I dont manipulate the image at all. With BLu Rays I save lower resolution because otherwise the site would take forever to load.

Hi Jonas! I dedicate January to the best looking films of the year before so absolutely expect Only God Forgives and Mud to show up there. Bronson is a great looking film and I have all the stills picked for it, will be uploading them next batch of uploads (a month or 2)

Good call, I heard them talk about broken circle breakdown on Filmspotting and Im intrigued to see it. Blue is the warmest color will be up very soon, and Jagten is another Ive been meaning to watch but have menaged to not get around to! Thanks for the suggestions 041b061a72


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