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Q: Yes. Chloe: Yeah, it's a hard one to explain. Kylie actually read the script one night when she was tired and said "I don't get it". Read it again tomorrow when you are awake. She said "okay, I get it". So there's a lot of...there are characters that you will see one time and you'll think it's Julia but it's actually Lady on the flip side. But the Sylvia/Sarah character is very distinct because my lead actress Gwen Summers has a pretty hard look for the Sylvia character, the female assassin. And when she's there, she is wearing an ash blonde wig and plays like the victimized wife. Like the other two...the other two lead characters are kind of have to know. It's not one that you're going to be able to fast forward through, in other words.Q: So even though this is your first feature for VCA, this isn't your first time directing?Chloe: No, definitely not. I actually original directing debut was for VCA for a gonzo movie called Chloe's What Makes You Cum? And it actually won two awards at the AVNs two years ago, the Safe Sex Award and the Masturbation Award. And from that I was going to do a second one for them but decided not to and Elegant Angel said we would like you to direct for us exclusively, you know, six movies this year. So I took up a gonzo line over at Elegant Angel, that line did really well, the Chloeville line (laughing). So I only have experience as a gonzo director, which is a lot different from the...Q: But you also got were also in a lot of these movies, right?Chloe: And actually, I'm in this movie also. I deal with VCA is that I star in six movies a year for them, I direct four but I have to do one scene in each one that I direct. Q: you're actually directing yourself in a scene then?Chloe: Yeah, well at that point I kind of hand it over to whoever is behind the monitor or my wonderful camera person Jane Waters because he knows what to do. He's the same camera guy I've been working with for years. Q: And how different is this for you from doing a gonzo movie?Chloe: Very, very fucking different. In the gonzo, it's basically all about the casting. You just get people that like to work together, you don't have to worry about whether they can act or not. You hire people based on their fucking merits, if you will. So it's pretty easy to cast. Usually you know if you like working together if I worked with them in the past and I can book and cast it in two hours. So this is so much different, you spend so much time setting up the dialogue shots that the sex is a kind of a breather. We're just having sex, okay; we know what's going to happen. But it's getting the visual storytelling that is the challenge.Q: So I know you've done some crossover stuff acting wise. Are you looking to doing some crossover directing as well?Chloe: I haven't really done any crossover stuff acting wise.Q: You did that stuff for...Chloe: You know, I don't really consider that crossover shit though. In one industry I'm fucking in the other I look like I'm fucking, it really makes no difference to me. So I don't know if I really consider that crossing over. You know, it's softcore. Now if I got a part in a Paul Thomas Anderson film, then I would be crossing over. I'm not really looking to do any crossover anything. I'm happy being an adult film actress, I'm very happy being an adult film director and I mean if somebody offered me a nice gig on the other side to keep my clothes on and to direct where other people take their clothes off but don't really fuck. How boring would that be [laughing]? I mean, I might consider it, but it's not like I'm using this as a way to move on or up and out. I actually like doing this. I hope VCA keeps me on and allows me to keep on doing this. I love VCA, I love working for them. Q: How long have you been in the business now?Chloe: I've been in since October of '95 so...almost seven years I guess. Huh? Fuck! So I've been thinking about making it to crossover to mainstream directing (laughing), because I've been doing this for 7 years. I've been doing the directing thing for about two. I think it's important to challenge yourself with other things around or else you burn out. So I think that's why I've had a little bit more longevity than most thus so far. Because I will always give myself more interesting things to do when I start to feel the burn.Q: Do you feel that you will be in this industry for a long time? I mean as an actress, as a director?Chloe: Umm...yeah, I think...I don't know, I think I will probably, I don't know, I might change my mind next year about how long I might want to stay in, but as of right now, I can probably see myself continuing in the directing direction long after I'm done in front of the camera.Q: And what was the first movie you ever made?Chloe: You know, I don't know the name of it. I know they put my real name on the box cover...that really pissed me off. It was a gonzo movie for umm...for Jim Lane I think. Then I did Max Hardcore second and my first feature though was Bobby Sox for Vivid. That was kind of what broke me into the feature, even on they figured out that I can actually act [laughing].Q: Okay, lets talk about that and touch on that a bit. You've been clean how long now?Chloe: 5 years, 1 month and 17, 18 days.Q: Was that tough?Chloe: [laughing] You know, I think that gave me a lot of strength because I already know that I can do the hardest thing I can ever do in my life. So yesterday when I was thinking that I was going to die when we're going into 16 hours and I'm going to die because everyone is going to kill me, I though, I got sober and that's much harder than anything that I'm doing today. So it's always been kind of my little mainstay, kind of my little bottle of whitener. I know that I've done my time in the trenches in this world and nothing will ever come close to getting sober, nothing harder. Q: Did you come into the business high?Chloe: Oh my god, yes! I came into the business to support a habit. So umm...yeah. I remember I did my first anal for $200. $200? I was making the big bank. And I was thinking for $200. For me back then it was my half of the rent for me for a month. My rent was only $400 bucks back then. And then they kicked in an extra $50 bucks for a blowjob or a couple of blowjobs and there were my for a week. So I mean hell, I was ecstatic. Q: Well, things have changed quite a bit now.Chloe: Fuck yeah...Q: Now you charge $225.Chloe: Now I charge $250 for the anal and an extra $50-$75 for the blowjob [laughing]. You know, inflation in seven years and all. Actually I had a really bad problem and I thought that I wouldn't be alive for too much longer and with this industry. I went into a 12-step program. I actually got my shit together. I only worked in porn for about nine months high and I only worked six times in nine months because I looked like shit.Q: Did anyone help you?Chloe: Patrick Collins. Patrick Collins helped me in a way he doesn't even know. When I walked in there he took one look at me and said that he wouldn't hire me until I was sober. You come in and show me your 4th step and I'll put you in a movie. I remember I went over there with my 4th step and said, "look, I'm doing it". He said, "okay, you can work for me". Eventually I ended up directing for him as well. So there's a lot of people...there are a lot of people that helped me out in a lot of ways they don't understand by just being themselves. Like Shayla LaVeaux, she's such a little bright spot, she's so happy and on all the time. She inspired me to want to be and to stay here and do this the right way. And umm...Ernest Greene. Ernest Greene probably helped me out the most because that's who I was living with when I got sober and he taught me how to be human again and how express myself. I couldn't put a sentence together back then, I would have the words in my head and I couldn't put them together and make sense to anybody, because I was so fucked up in the head. And he would always rephrase things that I said but not in a way that was condescending. So he would raise me up without making me feel like less than...and I was with him for two and a half years. He was a very...I don't think I could have done it without him. So when I just did my five year cake, he went with me to get my cake because there was no way I could have done it without him.Q: So, how's your love life now?Chloe: Oh it's bumping along. I prefer to stay single because I don't want to put the pressure on anybody that doing what I'm doing puts on a relationship. It's a personal choice, plus I can't find anyone that would put up with all my mood swings yet. So what I do when I meet somebody is that I will categorize them into someone I want to have sex with or somebody I want to be friends with the possibility of having sex with. I have a little hard time crossing over friends and sex. For some reason I have always kept those two separate, but I'm working on it. I'm in therapy you know, so I'm working through it. Independence and all that shit. So as it stands right now, I've been single, single for almost two years. The last relationship I had really hurt me so I have some walls, I have some intimacy issues like we all do. I just met a new guy that I like that will be coming here today. I have not had sex with him, but he's already a friend and I definitely want to have sex with him, it just hasn't happened yet.Q: He's in the other category.Chloe: He might be one of the crossover ones because when I met him I wanted to have sex with him but then we became friends. Sometimes that happens, but sometimes when that happens they end up disappointing you [laughing]. So I'm taking it slow, which is something I don't do that often.Q: Do you think because you've been in this business and have had so many sexual experiences that you hold a higher standard on your partners sexually?Chloe: No, because honestly, camera sex and off-camera sex is two totally different animals. It's I've gotten older and I don't think it has anything to do with being in the industry, my standards have gotten higher...because as you grow up you get very clear on what you don't like and what you do like. So when you meet anybody, when you get passed 17 or 18 past dating mistakes, which I guess is called baggage, it's like you're very clear on what you're pet peeves are and what you're looking for. You know pretty much within a couple of dates if this person is ever going to be what you're looking for. The industry doesn't really change my sexual standards so much because pretty much the things I like to do on camera are the same as what I like to do off camera. I have no problems with teaching somebody [laughing]. Q: So what is it that you do like to do then, sexually?Chloe: All the things that VCA won't let me shoot anymore [laughing]. I don't like oral sex being performed on me; I do like giving blowjobs, I like anal sex a lot. I go through stages where it's better than vaginal sex or when I like vaginal sex better than anal sex. Sometimes I like it really rough like choking and spitting and sometimes I like it really soft and sweet. So I mean I like the whole spectrum of sexual whatever.Q: What's the wildest thing you've ever done?Chloe: The eggplant. Yeah, yeah...Q: What about the eggplant?Chloe: I should tell everybody to go down to my web address and see the story about the eggplant [laughing]. The web address is and I own and operate it myself guys, so anyone that got locked in there with your credit cards stuck in limbo, it won't happen again. I'm so sorry [laughing].Q: So, I remember you once had a vibrator sewn...Chloe: Oh my god, you know about that story? Yeah, I don't even count that as an extreme sex act because it was just weird. I did have a couple of orgasms with the vibrator in too, but the eggplant is probably my favorite story to tell because it got stuck in there and I had to cut it out with a butter [laughing]. The suturing one happened when I was quite young, I was about 18 when that happened and it was more like experimentation. Q: So how old are you now?Chloe: I'm going to be 30 in two months.Q: Congratulations.Chloe: Yeah, I made it to 30. Q: Yeah, we all look back and say that we'll never make it to 30.Chloe: You do, and it's really just quite a milestone. I know that some people lie about their age but I think at 40, I will too. Like Sharon Mitchell. Every year she has a 40th birthday and keeps having her 40th birthday. And it doesn't stop there though, when you get to 41 you say 40'ish. You're 44...I'm like in my 40's. But I don't mind telling people how old I am, I'm proud to be here and I'm proud of the things I've done in a mere 30 years.Q: So what's in the future for you?Chloe: No fucking clue...I have no fucking clue what's in the future. It's umm...I guess I live for today. You know, I don't have to worry about...I mean if I didn't have to worry about. If I had to project forward like ten years from now, I would find myself pretty much not involved so much with the industry and still running my website. Probably doing something a little bit more...I would like to have a kid. I would like to maybe try the husband thing just to say I've done it so that when I'm up at St. Peter's gate "So you've been married how many times?"...Only once, I swear. I'd like to try that; I would also like to try living with somebody. I've lived alone for a long time so it's kind of lonely, but I don't feel so much alone. It is kind of lonely sometimes. And I will probably write a book or two before I move on. One is probably going to be about the porno industry and one will be about the shit before the porno industry. About all the and the ballet and how it can all intertwine and all, it will be a very long book.Q: What about the ballet?Chloe: I started off in ballet. I went from ballet to and from to porn. Kind of like the three parts to my life.Q: Everyone says it's porn to and for you it was ballet. Chloe: It's always been backwards for me, you know. I started in ballet and the ballet didn't work out study something for 13 years...or for as long as I did it for and it's just not there anymore. You're then left with a very big hole and not a good one. So you stuff it with things that aren't good for you, which is where the came from. My problems were from 17 to 24 [or] 25, I did that and and porn don't mix. So, thank God I learned that within eight months because this is not a good industry to be in if you're fucked up. You start saying things that aren't good for you and you don't charge enough for it. You don't put enough of a price tag on what you do. So you know, you need to be all here, up here [pointing to her head]. Q: Terrific Chloe, thank you very much.Chloe: Thank you.Q: Good luck on doing your thing.Chloe: Great.Interview with Chloe - December 20, 2000Phone InterviewFormer ballet dancer, groupie and methamphetamine addict, Chloe feels the porn industry saved her life by giving her a path to sobriety. She has spent the last two years producing her series, "Chloeville"; "Welcome to Chloeville" was nominated this year for Best Gonzo Video. Don't miss Chloe spill it: growing ... - Read Where did you grow up?Chloe: Thousand Oaks, California. Q: So you weren't very removed from Hollywood?Chloe: God, no. I was from Thousand Oaks. I did my growing up in Hollywood. ...I was down there from the time I was 11 through when I moved there at 17, to when I finally got sober off of at 24. I did not hang out in my hometown. Q: You got sober how long ago?Chloe: Four years, five months and 20 days.Q: What was your of choice?Chloe: Speed and , with a needle.Q: Nice! Well unless you're eight years old, it doesn't look like it aged you terribly.Chloe: It didn't. When I first moved out of my mom's house when I was 17 and I moved to Riverside, where there's not a whole lot to do, but do speed. So I went there on the pretention that I was going to UCR. ...I met this guy and he was a speed addict, so I snorted for two years, smoked for like one, and started shooting at 20, and that lasted all the way up into like '96: July 6, 1996.Q: How many years?Chloe: Almost seven years of active use.Q: Did you O.D. and quit?Chloe: No. I joined the industry and quit! I've done everything really ass-backwards all my life. I was living with another guy in Hollywood and he had dated Jeanna Fine and so that was kind of my "in ". ...He basically one day said, "I want you to pay the rent." I said, "Well, I'm gonna start doing porno, then." He said, "Fine." I did, and then it was actually six months after my first movie that I got sober. Q: You just needed some money and got into it?Chloe: ...I got into the industry to support my habit. ...I needed to make some money to do the way that I felt I really needed to, instead of having to beg 'em off of people all the time.Q: How did you know how to get into it?Chloe: Through the guy I was dating at the time. He used to date Jeanna Fine.Q: Oh, right. Sorry. I used to work in Van Nuys and porn people used to come in there and sort of recruit [for pornography]. If I'd been interested, I don't think I would have known where to go had I not already been dancing.Chloe: I had always prided myself at age 24 as having never taken off my clothes for money. I never danced I never used any of the normal avenues to get in here. Q: What did you think of dancing? Chloe: My girlfriends that I hung out with chose to support their habits with dancing. I was content with picking them up and driving them. I used to drive a couple of girls that were escorts, but I never got involved in it. The first time that I had sex for money was on a Max Hardcore shoot. I jumped right in, both feet. I still have never danced. But I'm getting it together as we speak. I'm actually doing the Spearmint Rhino Tours in January. ...[As to my lack of interest in dancing,] maybe I was insecure about my breasts being too small. Or the fact that I didn't look very good. I was maybe all of ninety pounds. And I had track marks all over my arms.Q: How tall are you?Chloe: 5'5" and . I was like a skeleton. All head....Q: What is your favorite part of having sex onscreen?Chloe: ...It's kind of liberating. To be able to get as nasty as you want and have


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