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[S1E8] The Telescope ^HOT^

Kovacs has other things to worry about other than his guilt over sending Ortega into harms way, though. Apparently, he has had a realization about what really happened with Bancroft and perhaps Mary Lou Henchy as well, and it has something to do with the telescope, the Head in the Clouds establishment, the Stallion male aggression enhancer, and Reileen. Quell, in her hallucinatory form, seems to think Kovacs weaved some truth about these connections into his false narrative placing blame on Prescott, but most viewers are still probably trying to puzzle it out themselves.

[S1E8] The Telescope

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At the same time, Asriel takes Roger up the side of a mountain having lied to tell Roger they are going to do a surprise for Lyra. After the Magisterium arrive at Asriel's prison, they search the place but Marisa warns them to not touch anything in case of traps. Hugh joins her as she inspects a telescope. Thorold then appears and hits Hugh in the face with the butt of his rifle.

Blackbeard sleeps on the beach. He wakes up to find Calico Jack utilizing his whip to fish, which is unsuccessful. Calico Jack downs a bottle of liquor while Blackbeard stares into space. Stede watches them through a telescope. He balks at them drinking alcohol so early in the morning. Oluwande suggests he forget about them. Lucius (Nathan Foad) joins them. Stede laughs when he sees Blackbeard and Calico Jack eating seaweed. Oluwande informs Lucius that Stede has been watching them all night. Lucius pries the telescope out of his hands. He tells Stede that he is in luck because he is fantastic after breakups.

In the meantime, Zuko embarks a smaller vessel and orders his uncle to continue their northern course, explaining that while Zhao will follow the smoke trail, he can use it as a cover to sneak away. From a distance, Zhao keeps track of Zuko's ship via a telescope. 041b061a72


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