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Larsson Estate has been involved in the real estate market since 2014. And is today an international bilingual real estate agency, experts in both local and international client property purchases in Barcelona. We would be delighted to be your real estate agency and to guide you through the process of how to buy an apartment in Barcelona. We do this by carrying out our role as estate agents with care and dedication, combining a Scandinavian business mindset and total transparency.

apartment barcelona to buy

We offer apartments for sale in popular areas such as Zona Alta, Eixample and El Born in Barcelona city, to Maresme along the north coast and Sitges in the south. Our apartments for sale includes newly renovated to renovation object and new productions.

Real Estate Agencies in Barcelona Houses and apartments in Barcelona for sale and rent Eixample - Ciutat Vella Les Corts Zona Alta Gràcia Badalona Free valuation of your property Job Offers in Barcelona

Q: Can you give me some tips on how to buy an apartment in Barcelona? I will be moving there in a few months and would like to know if there is anything I can do in advance to help me prepare for searching and purchasing an apartment.

A: If you are a resident in Barcelona it can be quite straight forward to buy an apartment here provided you are in contact with the right services to help you buy. It is best if you can speak some Spanish to help you through however if you can't then there are legal services here in Barcelona that are English speaking and can help you through the process.

We went back to Spain in March of this year and saw maybe a dozen places, none of which we liked. Then we found another listing off this general listing service called Idealista. And we arranged to view the apartment with our attorney.

She just refurnished the whole place. It's on the second floor of a four-story walk up. And there are two units per floor. It's really nice. It's a rear-facing apartment so you don't get any street noise.

The apartments and homes there do not have heat. In winter it might be 60 or 50 degrees at night. During the summer, we run a small air conditioner in the living room. The electric and other bills are not high.

As an American citizen, you will find cheaper properties in Spain compared to ones with the same quality in the US. also supports this. According to the website, compared to New York, you will save an amount of 81% for an average three-bedroom apartment if you buy it in Barcelona. It demonstrates that when you buy a property in Spain, even in the most expensive city like Madrid, you can save up to 70%.

You should first decide on the type of house you want. If you want to live in an apartment with a sea view or a house outside of city centers, and so on. After you determine your needs and preferences, you can start looking for them. In this way, you will save time and energy as well. You will find many online platforms to search for properties in Spain. Many of them also offer an English language section as well.

This spectacularly stylish loft is in a characteristic, modernist building dating from 1926 and was designed by a famous architect. The apartment, which once housed a delicatessen and a car parts dealer, covers the entire ground floor. It also has a large basement and an outbuilding accessible via a private patio. Altogether, this loft offers a surface area of no less than 500 square metres.

Take a look at this selection and contact us if you are interested on buying an apartment with tourist license in Barcelona and want to access some off-market properties.We deal with highly profitable investment opportunities in Eixample, Ciutat Vella, Gracia...

Kaufmann & Winkel is the only real estate agency specialized in the sale of apartments with tourist license in Barcelona and surroundings. If you are thinking of buying or selling a tourist apartment, contact us, we can help you!

The new property had problems as well. Namely, the apartment was too small. Though it was legally required to be at least 40 square meters (about 430 square feet), it was more like 37 (398 square feet).

Now, she just recently closed on an apartment that she has been living in since March of last year. The apartment was sold by the owner. It is located in an older part of the city, and has already been renovated.

Now, having hired new lawyers, Ahmann is trying a new strategy to get her money back from that first deal. That involves challenging a building violation in the apartment's construction and alerting the government to investigate the situation.

I was pretty positive I would start looking for a shared flat as I enjoy the social atmosphere of sharing with other people, maybe practice some Spanish and have some vino together, just as you do in Spain! Sharing an apartment is also a safe bet when it comes to renting something furnished and for a short or medium term stay as someone else in the apartment normally holds the contract and you will not have to worry about that either.

Other options include your own studio or a one bedroom apartment which is probably your preferred option if you want to have more space, more privacy and comfort. Clarify what you want before you start looking as there are really gazillions of options and it will be much easier if you already have in mind what you want and don't want.

And what about a laundry inside the apartment? Parking on the street? Or an elevator to the 7th floor? Should the apartment be furnished or not? Just some stuff to keep in mind before you start the hunt.

Not all windows are created equal in Barcelona. If the room states to have a window you'd think that it will look out over the street, garden or park. In Barcelona many apartments have small interior windows which normally look into interior patios of roughly 6 square meters.

I initially lived in Sant Antoni near Plaza de España in a shared apartment on the 7th floor with a really old fashioned elevator rambling up and down. The room was decent size and had brand new IKEA furniture but the highlight was really the big windows opening onto a small balcony with a wonderful view all over the rooftops in the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood of Sant Anoni has some very nice wine bars, brunch places and is very relaxing to live in while it also has a hip crowd of people. The location of my apartment was on Avenida Mistral, which is a calm and beautiful walking avenue without cars and lined with trees and small green parks.

Barceloneta is the quarter between the beach and the harbor Port Vell, making it very attractive for tourists and locals alike as it is only a short walk into the city center. This area once used to be Barcelona's Fisherman village and now houses apartments, tapas bars, cafés and sea food restaurants in the small alleyways which lead out to the beautiful sea front promenade and the popular Barceloneta beach.

I started looking for a shared place to stay on idealista, one of the biggest sites especially for shared flats and to find housemates. I also checked fotocasa and loquo, where you can find share houses and apartments as well as other things like local events, stuff for sale or jobs. I browsed around several Facebook groups for housing but eventually, believe it or not, I had a lead from couchsurfing who hooked me up with my soon-to-be landlord. And I had only updated my travel plans on the platform to say I was coming to Barcelona for a few months and looking for accommodation. How super nice!

Just two days later I moved to the lovely neighbourhood of Sant Antoni into a newly renovated 3-bedroom apartment to share with two students. I paid 350 Euro a month. Typically, you can find a room in a shared flat for around 300 to 450 Euro monthly, depending on the area and facilities of course.

Eventually, I moved to a different apartment in Barcelona. In the Gothic Quarter. But this was definitely not my favourite even though it was huge and had an interior courtyard with a garden which is definitely not the standard in the city center. However, since my room wasn't out to the backyard it was very noisy and I mostly slept with ear plugs. Not so cool.

Next time I visit Barcelona would also consider renting my own apartment because as nice as it is to share a space, it can also be a hassle at times. When you want to use the bathroom for example and someone is taking it over forever. Or when my friend came over to visit me for a couple of days.

Renting an entire apartment can therefore be a great option if you are already in a group of friends or you know you will frequently have family and friends visiting (and who doesn't want to visit Barcelona?!). That way it's more comfortable to not share your living room and kitchen all the time. Oh and the wifi!

It might give you additional peace of mind to know that there is always someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter if you arrive late at night to Barcelona or have a problem in your apartment in the early morning. Even if the apartment doesn't live up to your anticipated expectations, they will do their best to even offer you another apartment.

As reported by The Real Deal, two years ago Messi also bought an apartment in the Porsche Design Tower, a 60-story building in Miami Beach, in exchange for five million dollars.

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