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Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim Free Download

Jail Ending: During the mugging, play possum, then reject mugger. When Randy gives you the offer on day 3 at the fence, accept. This ending results after Randy snaps, taking desperate measures to free himself of his curse. He phones Phonegingi, telling them to meet him at the Funfair's Fence, and, as Phonegingi Arrives, Randy has broken a hole into the fence and armed himself with a hammer, where he states he's going to smash the machine to free himself of his curse. However, the police manage to catch and capture him and Phonegingi, and it ends with the two in prison.

Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim Free Download

Register, earn coins and get Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim steam key free. After you get enough coins, you can redeem them for an activation code and download Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim on Steam.

  • Ever wanted to date a Phone? Excuse me?! Shame on you! You can lie to me, yknow, but you CANT LIE TO GOD. Dialtown is a dating sim where most people have phones for heads. Women have typewriters. Also, dogs have gramophones for heads. Aaaand, cats have keyboards. The list goes on. Yeah, Im being serious right now. No, put that straitjacket away.The games a visual novel where you wander around the town of Dialtown, seeking romance, all because you want someone to pay you into a funfair, all so you can find a dank pit in which to lay your eggs. Yeah. Theres several dateable protagonists, from Karen, a bored bank-teller printer whos extremely dissatisfied with her life and just wants to feel things again, to Randy, who juggles working as an operator for a local phone sex hotline and working as a bird-wrangler for animal-control.Such is the life of Randy.Anyhoo, Dialtown has many features, including:A unique visual style compromised of real world photography, photo-realistic 3d models and 2d illustrations.

  • Strong comedic writing that stands out from other dating sims on the market. Dialtowns visuals arent just different, its writing is just as out-there!

  • Being able to explore the city of Dialtown when not actively dating, and meddle with its citizens lives!

  • Several romance routes with multiple endings. The things you say and do matter! (The game has 26 endings!)

  • A full OST composed by the acclaimed Nathan Hanover of NHs Synthonic Orchestra.

  • The ability to hunt for Bigfoot.*

(*We can make no guarantees about Bigfoots whereabouts at this time.)So, you gonna buy it? What, you some sort of SPINELESS COWARD?! Course you are! After all, Ive got a KNIFE in my right hand, so you dont exactly have a choice now, do ya? WALLET. HAND IT OVER.Anyway, enjoy this fun, no cords-attached* phone-based romp. *(Warning, may actually contain cords) Source: Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim - 041b061a72


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