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What We All Have Been Waiting For

This page offers stories submitted by tornado and hail storm survivors. These accounts have not been verified. If you survived a tornado or know someone who did, share your story and help save lives. Please Contact Us. PLEASE note that we have permission to print your story online and let us know the town and state and the month and year of the event.

What we all have been waiting for

I had gone to the local Little Caesar Pizza place at the halftime of the Dallas Cowboy Philadelphia Eagle game tp get a pizza for the game. When I got to the Little Caesars they had run out of pizzas. So I had to wait. While I was waiting the Tornado hit the shopping Center and sucked me out of the building. I was literally standing inside the Tornado. I found a support column to hold on to at first. Then it spun me off the column and onto a truck that was parked in front of the Little Caesars. I tried holding on to the hood of the truck but there was nothing to hold on to. I ended up on the ground holding on to the rim of the left front tire until it stopped. It was dead still and all the lights were off because power had been knocked out. People were screaming and cars alarms were going off all over the place. It was like a war zone.

I don't know how long it took me to calm down and regain my senses but I finally went back to record a video walkthrough of the damage. Then I went back to my pickup truck which was still running and started to pick up some of the debris and nails so I could drive out of there. I've been through a couple traumatic incidents in my life as a veteran of the Gulf War. This was, hands down, one of those most traumatic and terrifying moments of my life. I think the real reason why I was so terrified because I had no training, no warning, and no defense against whatever was coming. The tornado was classified two days later as an EF-1 tornado. It had a base of about 75 to a hundred yards across.

I wiped the blood from my eyes and saw a 1965 Pontiac Catalina next to me. My first thought was why is that car in the bathroom with me. Then it hit me that I was some 80 ft from where the bathroom once stood and was out in the parking lot in front of the shop. I pushed and clawed my way out of the rubble, shocked angry and thankful to God that I was alive. I survived bruised from head to toe with a broken foot and some lacerations. I went back out to the shop the next day and just cried seeing where I had crawled out from the broken pieces of the toilet under where I laid. Turns out the toilet had just been set on the wax ring and caulked to the floor, not one bolt in the slab. In retrospect, that toilet not being secured is probably what saved me as I think I was traveling with the debris in the twister. not sitting still being struck by the debris field.

In the spring of 1991, I lived in the country near Skiatook, OK. I was visiting my friends in town when I noticed that on TV it showed a tornado warning headed for Skiatook. I convinced my friends to take shelter inside of the end hall closet. The noises I heard during the tornado hit was indescribable. I do remember hearing nails squeak out of boards as they were being forced out by the fierce tornado. When it was all over, the tornado that hit our town was measured F-4. It leveled several of the brick homes in that neighborhood. The closet that we were in was OK and we were OK. Only the door frame remained of the room to the west of the closet, right next to the closet. My mom just about had a terrible accident racing to town in the pouring rain to find me. All she could do was yell out for me because all phone lines and electric was down and their was dangerous debris. I have rheumatoid arthritis so the intense low pressure temporarily disabled me. I couldn't walk. My friend carried me to my mother, who then carried me to the car parked about 1/2 mile or so away. I have to say that praying and getting into that closet most likely saved our lives that night. It was the absolute most frightening experience I have ever been through. People really need to pay attention to the forecast, especially in spring time. Tornadoes can do some awesome, yet scary things.

Looking west, I could see the sky turning a greenish brown hue and all of a sudden the trees began to bend under the strain of the wind. I yelled and we all went into the basement. As we hit the cellar floor I heard a large thump that shook the house. Our next door neighbor had a double trunked maple tree split in two and fall into her home. It was over in just a few minutes, and when things had subsided I went out back and saw insulation on the ground and new that buildings must have been damaged. We were fortunate. Thanks to the early warnings given by the National Weather Service and the response of the officials. Very few injuries or fatalities occurred. If school had been in session students would have been walking the streets and the loss of many more lives would have been likely.

We were out of town when a hailstorm hit McAllen, Texas, in 2010 or 2011. The storm ripped through north McAllen and windows on the north sides of homes were shattered. Some think it might have been a small tornado. The flooding part though was caused by the buildup of hailstones over the street drains, blocking the escape of water from heavy rains. Water rose, and homes that you never would have expected to flood did. Ever since then we have carried flood insurance.

The day had been beautiful, we were going to my husband's mother's house for a cookout. We had the boys (aged 11 and 7 at the time) headed to the truck. My husband called for our dog a husky/chow mix to get on the back of the truck, but he would't come out of the house. My husband started to fuss with him, but you could tell Hobo was upset. The dog just would not leave the house. I told my husband something was wrong and all of a sudden you could feel the air change. I called for the boys to get back in the house. We got in the center part of the house when all the doors blew open. It was probably the only thing besides the dog that saved us. The tornado cut a path through the woods directed behind the house, maybe 10 feet, and continued until the whole town seemed to have been torn down. In less than 45 minutes, the National Guard was there and had declared martial law. The state patrol came to get my husband to help clear some of the roads. With just me and the children and Hobo, I spent the longest night of my life. You could tell from the sirens and helicopters that it was really bad! I remember looking out after it got dark and the pine trees glowed from the sap where the tops had been torn out. It was a devastatingly unforgettable event!

Sarah Zoltanne (Sarah Chalke) is a teenager who recently moved from Los Angeles to Pine Crest with her mother, Rosemary (Markie Post). Always having been an outsider, she is not very welcomed by her classmates at school. Especially the popular group (who call themselves the 'Descendants Club,' as they are the children of the town's oldest families), including Kyra Thompson (Soleil Moon Frye), Eric Garrett (Christian Campbell), Debbie Murdock (Maggie Lawson), Kevin Lane (Chad Cox), and Misty (Julie Patzwald) are rude to her, criticizing her unusual clothes and attitude. She also meets Charlie Gorman (Ben Foster), who is considered the school geek because he also doesn't quite fit in and works in a family owned occult bookstore. Sarah and Charlie get along fairly well. Sarah is soon bothered with phone calls from a mysterious person, saying "I've been waiting for you." Being a supporter of wicca, she isn't very worried.

Kyra and Eric then persuade her to participate in a prank, pretending to be a psychic at a party, which she agrees to. At the party, Sarah is given a microphone, so Kyra can secretly provide her all the secrets of her customers, however, after Kyra leaves the microphone unattended, an unknown person gives Sarah disturbing information about Debbie (that she has been sleeping with Eric, who is Kyra's boyfriend) and Misty, revealing the abusive relationship of her parents. Misty freaks out and leaves the party in anger. While driving home, she is attacked and scared to death by a masked killer using a glove in which long, spiked protrusions have been attached. Before she dies, she hears the killer whisper "I've been waiting for you." The next day, upon hearing the news, the popular group immediately suspect Sarah for the murder, thinking that she might be the reincarnation of Sarah Lancaster, coming back for revenge on the descendants of the people responsible for burning her. Sarah insists that the information was given to her by Kyra, but Kyra states that she set the microphone down and has proof that she was elsewhere (with Eric).

Soon, other people of the Descendants Club are targeted by the masked killer, each hearing the same phrase whispered before or during the attack; "I've been waiting for you." Kevin is attacked while in the school locker room and is killed, but both Eric and Debbie are able to escape their attacks, Debbie sustaining a beauty-marring injury to her face. Charlie is also targeted, barely escaping a fire set by the masked killer in his bookstore, and when Sarah questions why he would be (since the attacker seems only to be targeting the descendants), he reveals to her that he is actually also a descendant, but that the others are unaware of this. Although they had been working together to unravel the mystery of the killer, Charlie feels that he must back off from his friendship with Sarah, unsure about whether she is or is not behind the attacks. Meanwhile, the popular group are certain that Sarah is responsible, and to save their own lives, they decide that they must burn her. Eric, pretending to be interested in taking Sarah on a date, lures her to his SUV, only to tie her up with help of Debbie and Kyra. They take her to a clearing with wooden poles and tie her to one with the intention of burning her at the stake for witchcraft. 041b061a72


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